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January 08, 2010. Welcome to, the most frequently used guide on the internet for the purpose of penis enlargement since the year 2003.

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At you will find all you need to know about your penis, the essential rules to keep in mind before choosing any penis enlargement method as well as the ranking and comparisons of the best penis enlargement products according to us. You can also learn what women really think about penis size.

The size of the penis has been one of the greatest worries for men throughout history. Now, thanks to new technology and scientific advances, a multitude of products have risen to assist men who feel insecure about their penis size.

However, many companies have used the internet boom to offer “miraculous” products, promising you impossible things. One must be extremely careful with companies similar to those since in many cases they only try to get rich, at the cost of the complexion and insecurities of others. The question is pretty simple, “would you leave the health of your penis in the hands of just anyone?” And the answer is obviously NO.

From, we know well there are many methods that really work, and others that don’t. Consequently, for the last few years we have been carefully creating a list of what we thing are the best penis enlargement methods available on the market. By going through our website you will uncover in-depth product descriptions, costs, fabricators, benefits, and characteristics of each method and product offered for enhancement. Some of these include pills and natural penis enlargement methods.

The fact is that, just like in other fields of medicine, great advances in penis enlargement have been improved. Another reality is that the majority of women desire to have a partner with a larger and stronger penis. Luckily, today this dilemma is solved by the diverse forms of penis growth. Who wouldn’t want to utilize the profit of these medical advancements? will teach you how to enlarge your penis in a wholly-effective and permanent way.

What do we offer to our readers?

By means of the different sections in our complete guide, we will try to make sure that all our readers understand the effective methods and treatments to penis enlargement – without the need of costly and dangerous surgery. As of right now, there are many systems on the market. We’ll discuss these systems later on. Right now, we would like to enlighten our readers with the characteristics of each product, and furthermore, we wish to keep you updated with offers, novelties, updates and articles of interest.

This guide has been possible thanks to the testimonies, votes and contributions of many of you, for this we encourage you to actively participate evaluating each product, having in mind their personal experiences. We hope to continue improving each day to give reliable and true information from the world of penis enlargement. will teach you in three easy steps how to select the most adequate product, according to your specific needs, by means of our list – detailed with the all the treatments and manufacturers. Our team has had access to all the penis enlargement products offered on the market.

What should we keep in mind while choosing a penis enlargement product?

  2. For a penis enlargement product, it is in our opinion fundamental to offer a clear and secure money back guarantee. If a business does not offer you the possibility of returning your money in the case you are not satisfied with the achieved results, it’s because they are not sure of the effectiveness and performance of their product. It honestly makes us feel insecure knowing there are companies who won’t return your money. Always look for businesses that have a money back guarantee.

  4. It is essential to look for products that count on endorsements and recommendations from prestigious doctors of the product’s field. In our opinion, it’s extremely clear that if a product is recommended by doctors, sexologists, urologists, and herbalists, it is because they have been able to prove its effectiveness. On many websites you may see phrases like “medically tested”, but nowhere can you find reference or testimony about who recommended or tested it. Only buy products that are endorsed by real doctors.

  6. With all the websites appearing nowadays, it is extremely easy to create false testimonies. In our opinion, the only way to verify this is through publishing the letters on the web with the respective signatures. It is very easy to find testimonies that are “equal” or “similar” from distinctly different web pages. Search for products that have authentic signed testimonies.

  8. No one can deny the fact that quality and price have a lot in common. If a product has a “great quality”, it cannot have a “reduced price”. Effective products need first rate quality ingredients to achieve optimum results, and ingredients like those cost money. You cannot compare ingredients of high-quality, with those of low quality, to price. Therefore, we recommend to our readers that they purchase products with a minimum price of 60-70 dollars.

  10. You should always look for products that have certificates assuring freshness and quality. Said certificates promise the monitoring and control of harvesting, fabrication, and post-production. Look for products that have certificates like: GMP, GAP, and ISO. Only in this way will you be guaranteed optimum results. Products that have earned these certifications will be listed on the web page, along with an analysis of each component used in manufacturing, and the remaining product information.

  12. It is essential that companies provide us with a lot of information. A complete website, full of guided advice, can persuade us to go one way or the other. We always recommend that you search for products that have practical web pages with lots of information.


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You’ve all probably heard talk about these sexual attraction pheromones at least once in your life. Just as it is with penis enlargement products, there are many brands of pheromone colognes on the market which are commercialized to help make you look more attractive in the eyes of women. These pheromones make you charming to the opposite sex.

The information provided on our website solely acts to inform our readers about the treatments, consoling, and related news of the penis. In no other way is this information pretending to substitute the advice or necessary relation between the doctor and their patient. is not responsible for the damages that are caused from the use of any treatment, nor any information from this website without the supervision from a doctor or professional understood as medication. If you suspect to have some type of medical problem such as the heart, high blood pressure, or any other sickness or illness, do not use any product or program without having met with a specialist beforehand. These products do not try to treat, prevent, or cure any type of sickness or illness.